The International Journal of Research in Choral Singing publishes refereed research reports that advance knowledge and practice with respect to choral singing, choir sound, choral pedagogy, and related areas. The editorial board welcomes submission of manuscripts that reflect well-executed research employing quantitative, philosophical, historical, and qualitative methodologies. Score studies, choral literature reviews, composer biographies, or purely anecdotal speculations will not be considered.

Submission of a manuscript for review indicates that the material is not currently submitted elsewhere for consideration, either wholly or in part. Authors must not submit manuscripts published in whole or in substantial part in another journal or published work. Exceptions may be made for previous publication (a) in a periodical with limited circulation or availability (e.g., a government agency report) or (b) in an abstracted form (e.g., a convention proceedings). Any prior publication of this sort should be noted and referenced in the manuscirpt. Manuscripts that address previously published material by re-analysis of data in light of new theories or technologies, additional data, or substantial revision will be considered.

Authors of studies that employ human participants must indicate to the editor they obtained appropriate IRB (Institutional Review Board) permissions. Data that can be combined meaningfully within a single publication should be presented together. Piecemeal publication, whereby a single investigation has been broken up into separate manuscripts for no reason other than maximizing the number of potential publications, constitutes a violation of research publication ethics. Authors who may have good reasons for for dividing a research report into more than one article, regardless of publication venue, should inform and consult with the editor.

Manuscripts reporting significant portions of longitudinal or very large scale investigations as they are completed across time do not constitute piecemeal publication. However, authors should inform the editor of this circumstance. Article length reports of doctoral dissertations, provided the full document has not been published previously in other than institutional or electronic dissertation databases, may be submitted for consideration. Again, the author should inform the editor of all such details when submitting the manuscript for review.

All quantitative studies must conform to the manuscript style of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th edition, 2001). Other studies may use either APA, A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations (K.L. Turabian, 6th edition, rev. by John Grossman & Alice Bennett, 1996), or The Chicago Manual of Style (14th edition, 1993).

Please write in succinct, clear English. Limit use of the passive voice. Avoid jargon. Indicate applications for those who sing in, work with, or research choirs, as well as implications for further research.

To submit a manuscript, attach it as both a Rich Text Format (.rtf) file and a document (.doc) in an email addressed to adaugherty@bakeru.edu. Correspondence concerning editorial matters or other queries should be emailed to the same address. Involved tables, graphs, figures, or historical documents may also be submitted separately in .gif or .jpg format. Web site addresses or interactive materials cited or referred to in the body of the manuscript should include current URL addresses. As applicable, IJRCS encourages appropriate use of sound or video files that support or illustrate research.

The title page should include author name(s), institutional affiliation(s), and email address(es). All such information is deleted by the editor prior to forwarding the manuscript for blind review by three members of the editorial board. Reviewer comments are likewise shared with prospective authors without revealing the identity of the reviewer. Submissions from Editorial Board members undergo the same blind review process as all other submissions.

Prospective contributors may peruse the two Review Forms employed to evaluate submissions.

The editorial office of the International Journal of Research in Choral Singing is currently housed at and partially subvented by the Division of Music Education and Music Therapy at the University of Kansas, Lawrence. Non-electronic mail may be addressed to:

Dr. James F. Daugherty, Chairperson of the Editorial Board
Division of Music Education and Music Therapy
University of Kansas
448 Murphy Hall
Lawrence, KS 66045-7574




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