CONTENTS: Volume Three, Number One (2008)
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Does Choral Art Sit on Its Rear End?

"Mother Theresa, How Can I Help You?:"
The Story of Elvera Voth, Robert Shaw, and the Bethel College
Benefit Sing-Along For Arts in Prison, Inc.

Mary L. Cohen,
The University of Iowa
"Our Voices Enlighten, Inspire, Heal, and Empower:"
A Mixed Methods Investigation of Demography, Sociology,
and Identity Acquisition in a Gay Men's Chorus

Marvin E. Latimer, Jr.,
The University of Alabama
Self-Reported Student Voice Use
at a High School Summer Choral Camp

Judy Bowers,
The Florida State University
James F. Daugherty,
The University of Kansas
Chorister Perceptions of Real-Time Displays of Spectra
in the Choral Rehearsal: A Feasibility Study

John Nix, Gary Mabry, and Amy Mathews-Muttwill
The University of Texas at San Antonio
Planning and Recording Acoustic Research of Choral Singing
--An IJRCS Tutorial
Richard J. Morris
The Florida State University

   CONTENTS: Volume Two, Number One (2004)
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On Pursuing Unusually Stubborn and Persisting Efforts to Think
by the Intelligent Gathering and Use of Data
Choral Sight-Singing Practices:
Revisiting a Web-Based Survey

--An IJRCS Forum Spotlight Article

Steven M. Demorest,
The University of Washington
Select Acoustic and Perceptual Measures of Choral Formation
Christopher Aspaas, Christopher R. McCrea,
Richard J. Morris, and Linda Fowler,
The Florida State University
The Effect of Various Left-hand Conducting Gestures on
Perceptions of Anticpated Vocal Tension in Singers

Rhonda J. Vieth Fuelberth,
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Update on Community Choir Singing in the United States
Cindy L. Bell,
Queens College, City University of New York
An Historical View of Barbershop Music and the Sight-Reading Methodology and Learning Practices of Early Championship Barbershop Quartet Singers, 1939-1963
Benjamin C. Ayling,
Kent State University

   CONTENTS: Volume One, Number One (2003)
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Choral Singing: A Matter of Relationships
Choir Acoustics:
An Overview of Research Published to Date

--An IJRCS Forum Spotlight Article

Sten Ternström,
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
The Effect of Conducting Gesture on Singers' Perceptions of
Inappropriate Vocal Tension: A Pilot Study

Rhonda J. Vieth Fuelberth,
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
A Preliminary Study of Factors That Limited Secondary School Involvement of Collegiate Choral Singers
James W. Tipps,
Wright State University
Preference for Strong or Weak Singer's Formant Resonance
in Choral Tone Quality

J. Kevin Ford,
University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
Choir Spacing and Formation:
Choral Sound Preferences in Random, Synergistic,
and Gender-Specific Chamber Choir Placements

James F. Daugherty,
University of Kansas
Aesthetic Response to Choral Music:
Response Comparisons of Performer-Participants
and Non-Performer Respondents

Anita P. Davis,
University of Southern Mississippi


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